How to request tickets to The Ellen Show

  • How to be on the Show?
  • How to request a ticket for Ellen show?
  • What is the price of the tickets?
  • How many tickets can I request?
  • How difficult it is to get the tickets?

Let’s make it simple for you

  • How to request a ticket?
  • What is the price of ticket?
 Its Free
  • Difficulty level to request a tickets?
  • Time required to request the ticket?
Approx 10-15 Min
  • How many tickets can I request?
 You  + (3)


1. Visit the website for Ellen TV Tickets
2. Go to the calendar which look like this

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3. Check for the day which reads “Tickets Available” Click on that day, fill out the form & submit.

Form Preview
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– If it says Fully Booked or it is a blank day, you cannot request tickets for that day.
– Submitting the form does not guarantee tickets to show until you receive a from the representative of audience department.
– Booking of the tickets is done in order they receive the requests (Like first come first served)
– So, if you don’t receive a call within 2 weeks. You can resubmit with a new date.
– If you have any special need, don’t hesitate to inform the representative, when they call you to confirm the tickets. This information should be notified to them altleast 2 weeks before your show date.
– You can only request only one date at a time, so you should request the tickets for the day which best suits to you & your family (Your Party)
– Everyone in your Party (You + 3) should be 14 years of age or older
– The Minors should be accompanied by an adult & must show an valid I.D
– You must be 18 years of age to request or book tickets
– You should not send the requests multiple times or apply with different names

– Remember : No call = No Ticket But wait there is another option to get the ticket.


If You have any trouble sending your request to Ellen Show, Try our SERVICE where we forward your request to Ellen Show via her website on behalf of you.

Any queries, contact us on WeLoveEllen Facebook