How to Be Ellen’s Next Underwear Model

Looking how to be the ellen’s next underwear model in Great Britain?

Ellen is hiring again, this time in the UK! She’s in need of a handsome male to model her underwear all over the telly, and if you’ve got the looks and the right bod, it could be you! Submit your audition tapes here, or post them to ellentube with the hashtag #GetMyJellyOnTheTelly.


follow the below instructions.

1. Visit the Ellen TV website, click here.
2. Fill out the form, below is the form preview.

be ellens next underwear model in great britain

be ellens next underwear model in great britain


3. Upload your photo and video along with all the other details.
Double check the photo and video before the upload.

4. click on send and wait for the best thing to happen.
All the Best


If You have any trouble sending your request to Ellen Show, Try our SERVICE where we forward your request to Ellen Show via her website on behalf of you.

Any queries, contact us on WeLoveEllen Facebook